La Palma has experience in high rise and difficult access projects. We offer after hours shift for commercial projects to minimize interruption to daily business. We have remodeled and renovated many medical clinics and business offices.

Homeowners and property managers may choose whatever high quality paint they prefer for their projects. We typically use Sherwin Williams or Rodda Paint but have used Benjamin Moore, Behr and many more.

Exterior Painting

Pressure Washing: All areas to be painted is power washed or hand washed to remove dirt and mildew to ensure proper adhesion of the new paint.

Surface Prep: Loose paint is scraped, sanded (if needed) and primed. Failed caulk is removed and replaced with new caulk as needed.

Painting Process: Spray and back roll and top coat with premium quality paint that you the customer choose.

Touch Up & Clean up: We inspect and touch up any missed areas and the crew cleans up around the property and all paint chips and debris is removed and disposed of.

Walkthrough with Customer: After our own inspection, we will walk with the customer, HOA board or whomever you would like to join us and make a punch list of items missed. We will do those punch list items in a timely manner and ensure you are completely satisfied before we complete your project.

Interior Wall Repairs

Setup: Cover floors with paper, drop cloths and/or plastic to ensure personal items or items not needing repair stay clean.

Prep walls: Hang new drywall, tape apply 2 coats of mud as needed.

Finishing: Texture to match as close as possible other areas surrounding area to be repaired, prime and paint.

Interior Painting

Setup: Cover floors with paper, drop cloths and/or plastic to make sure items that are not receiving paint get any paint drops on them.

Prep walls: Plug nail holes and repair hair line cracks in walls and ceiling or wherever we are painting.

Finishing: Prime as needed and paint 1 or 2 coats (customer choice) of finish paint on areas in the scope of work.

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